Saturday, May 3, 2014

All the things we ate!

I often post on IG and Facebook some of the most delectable things I make. I absolutely love to cook and bake and that turns into a IG of all the thinks I cook. So as an outlet I though I would share the highlights of the food we ate this week which is basically ALL THE THINGS. Rightly named because dining in our family is a big deal. 

First, I made Rhee Drummond's (Pioneer Woman) "Best Ever Lasagna"

This stuff is amazing. My husband claims restaurant quality. Lol. Sure why not. It is pretty legit. A lot of commenters on her website claimed how could it be good since it uses the "crappy" green canister of parm. They lovingly refer to it as "stinky foot cheese." Oh Internet! But then say after making it they love it! My momma claims this is the recipe she used back in the day (which has been purported to be the 70s or 80s ;)). And she is right this stuff is so good! My only subs were for salt I used smoked sea salt we got at TJ Maxx aka heaven. It was $5 I would spend again. Delic! Also this feeds at min 6 people. I have five containers in the freezer. Cheap and easy and ip remade it's before crossfit the. Just through it in the oven from fridge for about 45 min. 

Then for dessert we had caramel corn. I got the recipe from my latest Cosmo magazine. And omitted the pecans but sooo good. 

And this is what I made:

Quick and easy and looks like you work a lot harder than you did. My kind of recipe. 


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