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First video is up! Here is my channel:


Hope you enjoy!!!!

Here is the video!!!!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Face of the day!

Here is a my makeup today!! I am happy with the look. Not pictured below is the urban decay eye liner in ransom which is this beautiful deep purple to blue color and my foundation is hourglass with Becca primer in matte. 

Everyday I put on milk of magnesia on my face to control oil. Goss makeup artist who is awesome on youtube got me onto this and he is right it helps! I started today wearing Aczone under that which is my new blemish RX I will keep you updated. But I slept in it last night and woke up without oil so was already excited about the product. The next step for me is Prime I used the Becca Matte Primer that I had a sample of and again I will be repurchasing it. It is so mattifying! Better than Smashbox Light! This is holygrail status for me. Then I made the mistake of adding Porefessional to the mix, it just made the makeup not stick! So I had to redo my nose region. I would also suggest no beauty blender ONLY F80 Sigma flat top kabuki brush and concealer brush or the Hourglass Immaculate Powder  (my color is Shell) seems to come off! Ugh. But I fixed it! Next I put my concealers on (one is dark spot, I use for dark circles and works fine and the other is illumination similar to Bareminerals stroke of light). Then set with well rested by bareminerals under the eyes and Urban Decay's De Slick all over!

CONTOUR: Revlon Photo Ready in Bronze and Chic
HIGHLIGHT:Mary Lou Manizer by the Balm
BLUSH: Hot Mama by the Balm
PRIMER: Greed primer potion by Urban Decay
EYESHADOW: Meteor, I used the golden tone all over the lid, and the turquoise lightly in crease, and the brown was the outer V. I did not like the gold very much it is easily blended to nothing, use it as a pigment more and easy on the blending! The other two were highly pigmented and awesome! I used the turquoise on the lower lash line too!
EYELINER: Urban Decay in Ransom 24/7 liner (top and bottom waterline)
LIPSTICK: MAC Oh, Oh, Oh, it is a nice purple/brown shiny color love it and doesn't dry your lips out!
All OVER BRONZER: Physician's Formula in Illuminating Bronzer Veil
MASCARA: MALLY volumizing mascara (there is nothing better)

The illuminating one is color ivory and the dark spot is light medium.

MAC lipstick today in Oh, Oh, Oh it is a Luster from the Archie collection. Packaging gets me everytime!!! Luster means it is not as pigmented as the creme sheens but it is build able!

Here is the look I created:
Whoops need to brush my hair better here!

Note Necklace is from Anne Taylor (clearance), Shirt is Cynthia Rowley.

Thanks for reading! What did you where today?


- Got my video camera get ready for videos!

- EM Cosmetics Post is currently being drafted

- I am out of riddle skittles... which is a good thing

-  I used Batiste today and the sock bun, happy second day hair.... lazy girl probs

DEALS and STEALS! Isaac Mizrahi Fabulous Perfume

A couple weeks ago I made the hour journey to Oxford, Ohio (the closest testing location for the MPRE in southern Ohio. The positives were after the exam I was owed a treat! (I will do another post about my haul). Oxford, Ohio houses Miami University which is a super fratty, sratty, crazy greek life school. Which means one thing to me, their TJ Maxx is legit. End of Story. After my exam I went to TJs and it was clearance week (how fortuitous!) And this is one of my finds, Fabulous perfume by Isaac Mizrahi), for $5 (?!?!?!? what craziness is this). It smells amazing!

It smells very light and fresh with some undertones of Jasmine and sandalwood. It is not super flowery or fruity it is the perfect mix for me. It is very clean smelling. Perfumes do not usually last very long on me so I keep this one in my atomizer from Sephora (I will put a link down below). It makes it a couple hours (which is good for my skin) and then I have to refresh.

The bottle is seriously why I purchased it. It has a vintage pump on it which is so fun! And its just the cutest bottle ever.

Here is a link to the designer's website:

Here is the atomizer I use during the day:

Just a note I love this atomizer really good quality and I use mine a lot. It is also quite sturdy. If you are looking for a good one I highly recommend.

Hope you like it as much as I do!! I think it is even worth the real price in all honesty! (On qvc it's $69 and you get a roller ball). 

<3 Lee

Z pallete!

If you haven't tried depotting your makeup to a z pallete. It is addicting. I just want to depot all the things!!! You can use a flat iron or hold the compact over a candle until you can pry them out. I love it and I will never put a Mac or wet n wild shadow in a regular compact again!
Z palletes are on amazon for about $19!

Thanks for reading!!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Product review (hourglass immaculate powder in shell and becca primer) and FOTD

Here are the products I used!
FOUNDATION: hourglass in shell the immaculate powder (I will be purchasing currently have a sample) set with de slick Urban decay powder
Concealers were maybelline instant age rewind eraser (dark spot) in light medium and maybelline dream lumi set with well rested. 
PRIMER: Becca Matte 
BLUSH: Milani luminoso (baked blush)
BRONZER: Revlon photoready bronze and chic (contour) and all over Physicians Formula happy booster illuminating bronzing veil (face perfume sooooo good)
HIGHLIGHT: Benefit girl meets pearl with Mary Lou Manizer by the balm 
IT brow power lift pearl side
EYES: urban decay primer potion, barely branded color tattoo by maybeline, the three new sephora eyeshadows in outrageous metallic beige (all over dupe for kitten by STILA), outrageous metallic taupe in crease AND outrageous metallic purple in outer corner. talked about these!
I used the black mally eyeliner (amazing doesn't budge!)
LIPS: show off by rimmel in aurora
Just Becca primer and foundation and my late of milk of magnesia for oil. A little of the foundation goes a long way. I used a sigma F 80 flat top kabuki. 

I lied I used this liner in black this am. Not the revlon one. This stuff is really hard to get off but will not budge all day!
Ignore the curlers I went home at lunch and set my hair but this is 12 pm and no touch ups. Negatives are the pores are really visible I need porefessional as well as the Becca primer on my nose. The good news is very very limited oil for me!!!
4:15 pm only touched up once. Very limited oil but slight breakdown like you can see my pores up close. But if this keeps working I would def purchase again!
About 8 pm haven't touched up since 4 pm. I haven't put on new lipstick this is the last of the show off by rimmel in aurora. It's a hot coral stain lip laquer love it! It doesn't claim to be staining but it is! A little drying but love it! They are cheap like $6 at Walgreens. They are called "apocolips" in the UK which is just awesome. And we got jipped on the name here ;) jk. 

PROS FOR HOURGLASS and Becca primer:
- mattifying !!!!!!!!!!! (Better for me than MUFE, boots matte, maybeline super stay, revlon color stay, ulta extreme wear and Loreal magic nude) and better staying power than bare minerals which is my holy grail for oily skin 
- staying power
- doesn't transfer!

- you can see my pores in a couple hours if you don't set with powder will be using porefessional in the future on Porefessinal and Becca 


- I found the riddle skittles and then his then again. 

- I can't wait for the new wet n wild collection the matte shades in neutrals will be something I get for my mom and myself!

- have an em cosmetics review coming!  And bare minerals kit and some neon baby lips swatches and more sephora bits!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A little SEPHORA action!

There are a lot of problems when you live over a Sephora. Like access. Access is way to easy. So I went downstairs because one of my favorite Beauty Youtube gurus told me to? Here is her link:
Well highly suggested I go to see the clearance section there are some awesome Sephora brand shadows there. I usually don't like Sephora brand sometimes they are flaky shadows, but these are creamy and amazing very similar to Lorac or the creamy consistency in the UD Naked palletes. I even think I found a DUPE for Kitten by Stila which is a $20 eyeshadow. Here is a link:
The "Outrageous Metallic Beige" is very very similar, dare I say exact. I did in the store swatch STILA Kitten and Kitten is a bit more pigmented. But I got the Sephora one for $7 on clearance SO I would just get the Sephora one!

Anyway, so walking into the store they have these awesome and innovative table set ups with the Pantone makeup matching device (I have made them do it to me twice). Its fun but depending on the lighting you can get slightly different results so try it a couple of times with different lighting. But these tables are awesome and educational on the types of foundations and what each finish is and what type of coverage each is.
Here is a link to the Pantone video :
 Can I just take them all home please???? (Well maybe not the naturals... too oily for that). Also they had the Dior Airflash mattifying spray which you should just go in and try its cool! It basically is a spray that mattifies the face with a tinted setting powder its pretty awesome! Casey Holmes actually talks about how much she loves it and it makes me want it but it is $$$ Here is her link to the favorites video that she talks about it in:

Like seriously how amazing is this! I just want to take them all home!

The Sephora Lady actually gave me an amazing sample of this. She swears by it for oily people. Dare I say better than Smashbox Primer in Light. She believes so! She said that a major makeup artist for Sephora found out Sephora stopped carrying it and made them bring it back this will make you apparently have one touch up or none a day! WHAT? Well maybe we will see I will test it out tomorrow. Maybe it will be a HOLY GRAIL! I will try it with and without my underneath milk of Magnesia primer and let you know!

This stuff I have been dying to try. It is amazingly mattifying according to reviews maybe even better than the Matte Velvet by MUFE. I can't wait to try it. They matched me in Shell and I got a nice big sample. Here is the link for the promo on it:
I am intrigued about it clearing up skin. According to the lady in Sephora they were going to discontinue it but people went a little crazy, and that is when they found out that it has amazing properties not just to mattify but clear up acne and roscea. SO this is a must try I am planning on using my F80 flat top kabuki by sigma with it tomorrow (with the new primer derrr.) 

Here is my eye shadow haul!!! They are clearance $7 go get them! 

From top to bottom the names are "Meteor Shower," "Outrageous Metallic Purple," ""Outrageous Metallic Taupe," and ""Outrageous Metallic Beige."

Swatched in order, top to bottom is left to right. (Top is trio swatched and bottom of the hand is purple, taupe, and beige from left to right).

I added on bottom the Stardust diamond dog from Urban Decay (UD) and the top Moondust Diamon Dog from UD for you to see how pigmented and the differences in glitter. The Sephora is more metallic the UD is more glittery with brown tones. The Sephora one is much creamier.

Here are the names and backs of packaging. 
Here is the Stardust and Moondust back of packaging. 

So overall go get them awesome and cheap metallic colors that I cannot wait to use! I <3 'em!

Here is some extra stuff!

Bday Le Creuset pie dish it's awesome be jealous!

Julian and I recieved these beautiful milk and sugar dispensers in bronze they are by Nambe and they are pretty awesome!

Here they are at the coffee bar! Yes, we have two Keurigs.... I had one before I moved. Now I alternate them to make sure they are working... these are good problems to have ;) This is what happens when you are long distance forever we get two of ALL THE THINGS!


Hourglass creator used to work for Urban Decay and then left! She now works on the famous people and Angelina Jolie wore this foundation in Mr. and Mrs Smith and she is flawless so. P.S. Madonna uses the PRIMER to perform in. This stuff must be legit.

I want an hourglass amberlight powder.... JULIAN (hubby)! ;)


Had to hide the Riddle Skittles from myself...

FOTD (Face of the Day)

Face of the Day!
Today I tried out the Revlon colorstay for oily/combo skin and these are the undereye concealers and primers I used. I set it with Lorac powder and a little de slick powder and under eye setting powder was well rested by bare minerals. I also used a makeup setting spray by UD called "De slick." It has the longest mattifying and setting powder for me.

Bottom eye liner was the tarte emphaseyes (halfway on bottom and the waterline) and the top liquid is the Milani black gems liner. My only dislike about the Milani is it gets into my lashes a bit, but it has awesome staying power. Also, the glitter is not really that noticeable. 

I mixed the two middle colors from the tarte box over the Greed UD primer potion and the bad to bronze color tattoo. The inner eye and 1/3 eye lid closest to my nose I used the bare minerals light color mixologist. I used Cognac in the crease and the outer V was the dark tarte color. 
LOTD (lip of the day) Jordana twist and shine balm stain in 02 sweet pink which are like $3 and amazing, more pigmented than Revlon Balm Stain and Good staying powder. Worth the purchase!They have a fruity smell to which I love! I found mine at Walgreens.
I bronzed and contoured with the Revlon bronzer and used the Physician's Formula happy booster all over (this smells amazing)! And I used the Rose PF for a blush and highlight was Bare Minerals Stroke of Light and over that Mary Louminizer by the Balm. 
Sorry this pic doesn't have lipstick yet! And I need to brush the dry shampoo out... second day hair.
Finished product and OOTD (outfit of the day). Tommy Hilfiger shirt dress with Franco Sarto Sandals from TJ Maxx, Cameo Necklace, and my rings.

- Soap and Glory the Righteous Butter
- Pumpkin Cupcake Candle by Bath and Body Works
- Riddle Skittles
- Fabulous Isaac Mizrahi Perfume

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


They had ECBs and BOGO 50% on Revlon. So I had to get some stuff...

I bought 2 Diamond Lust Eyeshadow singles in Night Sky and Celestial Silver. I swatched them wet and dry, they are a little flaky I will def be wearing the silver one wet. The black one is ok as is. I'll keep you updated on them. And I finally bought the Colorstay foundation in Medium Beige to see if it was as good as everyone says it is. And I got the Bronzer from Revlon Photoready in "Bronzed and Chic" it is amazing and I think will be a great contour I will use it soon!


I recently got a sample of the Mally full coverage foundation (which is now at select Ultas and online). My color is LIGHT. I am usually a medium color. Her colors are way way darker so light fits a medium tone to light skin. I am medium beige in Bare Minerals, Matte 30 in MUFE, Shell in Hourglass, Cool Ivory in Boots No.7 Mattifying, Creamy Natural in the new Loreal liquid to Powder Magic Foundation and Medium Beige in Colorstay by Revlon.

Here is the Mally Link:
Two Powders:
(I use this lightly and it sets my foundation, looks like it is discontinued now sorry!)

It says it is "hydrating" and I did not realize this until I saw her youtube video on it. It also says it could be used for older skin. Since I am basically an oil slick at all times this sounded terrible for me. But I gave it a try and it was actually amazing, not too oily (for me) the finish is not matte more in between but I used her powder foundation lightly and the finisher powder she has to make it matte. I used it on 3 hot and humid days and made it longer between touchups and was very happy with the result. There was no color oxidation on me.

If you haven't tried her mascara the volume one omg.... you should there legitimately is NOTHING better you will laugh at your other mascaras and never touch them again.

I also love the Pore Defender and touch up with it daily otherwise the oil would be out of control, it is a miracle worker. It doesn't take your makeup off but mattifies you worth a shot if you are oily like me. And worth the price tag it lasts a while!

Today for eyes I used, the brown/beige side of comfort zone by wetNwild. Mascara was Mally volumizing. I also used the color tattoo by Maybelline in"Inked in Pink" as a base over my UD primer potion.

For contouring I used the VS bronzer in Med/Deep Mega Glow, blush was Milani Luminoso, Highlight was Bare Minerals Stroke of Light with a bit of NYX blush in angel over. My all over bronzer which smells amazzzzing was the Happy booster by Physician's Formula in Illuminating bronzing veil. It is like face perfume. Buy it. Eyeliner was (waterline and halfway on bottom) tarte emphasEYEs smoldering clay liner, it is a purple brown color it came in a package deal with a box of shadows by tarte. on the top I used Milani ultrafine liquid gems "black gems" liner for a little cat eye. Surprisingly loved that top liner! It was a mistake buy but I actually like it!

I also forgot to mention I primed with Phillips milk of Magnesia, then Smashbox primer in LIGHT, and I used age rewind concealer in Light/Med by Maybelline.

Here are the products I used and me after about 3 hours in the makeup!

These are my opinions, I have received nothing for them, and I bought these products myself.