Monday, September 30, 2013

Sephora online sale!

Sephora had a big online sale and here are a few things I got from it!

This color is the perfect pink on me, very moisturizing and the easy pencil application. It was half price!

Little upset about the Tarte box the pigmentation leaves something to be desired but I love my other one so maybe this will be a go to as well. I still need to play around with it. 

This was the primer potion sample I received. I love sin and will be purchasing a full size it is a great base!

I felt no difference with this shampoo. Thumbs down I will be sticking with Bumble and Bumble gentle formula. 

Digging this sample these new Revolution by UD lipsticks are awesome. Very opaque and long wearing I love them!

Winner Winner chicken Dinner! This is the best pallete I have ever purchased from Bareminerals. And the primer is as good as UD primer potion! I love these very pigmented blendable colors and wear it daily! Love this! Best part only $25 and it is easy to travel with!

Happy shopping!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Sephora Clearance Urban Decay! $16!

The Dangerous pallete was only $16 on clearance at Sephora! It is fantastic shimmery colors good for nighttime and daytime looks. I already am using it all the time. As per usual these are highly pigmented and great wear time (granted I use primer potion). This pallete came with the lip junkie lip gloss in "naked" as well perfect your lips but better color. If you recall it came with the naked 2 pallete as well. 

This is the cutest packaging and a steal! Highly recommend!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Francesca's and Old Navy Sale!!

I lucked out on sales and went to Francesca's and got this awesome pea coat. It is navy with a scalloped edge but missing a button. I'm planning on replacing the middle two buttons and making them accent buttons. I am loving the military style that is trending this season. This is perfect for fall and winter! It was only $10.49. What a steal!!

Old navy had an awesome sale I had $30 off of $50 coupon and one item 50% off coupon. So my total cost was $41 and that was for the chambry too, military jacket, and two tee shirts for my husband. What a deal! 

Clearly I am loving the military style this season. The jacket retails $39 and I used the 50% off on it. And the chambry too was $24 marked down to $20. I love both and think I will definitely be utilizing these treasures in my wardrobe this season. Here is a blog regarding how to style the military jacket I found super informative! 

Hope you found some great fall finds for your wardrobe over the weekend!!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Mini CVS haul!

Picked some awesome tidbits up at CVS for cheap (BOGO50% on the wet n wild). I got two wet n wild shadow trios "Walking on Eggshell" and "Silent Treatment" they are similar but highly pigmented and awesome for a nude slightly smoky eye. For $2.99 and BOGO 50%. 

I also got the Instant Age Rewind Concealer by Maybelline in 120 Light. It is awesome. Perfect for fixing any darkness under the eyes. I set it with Well Rested by Bare Minerals and it stays all day and hides a bundle of imperfections. I am so oily so something that stays is a big deal to me. It even has a sponge applicator but I like to apply and use a beauty blender to airbrush it into the my foundation seamlessly. 

The last thing I got was the Milani Eye Tech Extreme felt tip liner in Blackest Black. It is amazing. Crazy staying power and less feathering than the Revlon Colorstay on me. It even has a grip on it! For about $8-9 it is a steal, better than my old Eyekos which were $15 a piece!!

Hope you enjoy!!!


1. Currently depotted all my wet n wilds love the Z pallete!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Ulta has IT cosmetics!

If you haven't touched this stuff you are missing out!!! They used to be only on QVC but now Ulta carries IT! The lipsticks are amazing non drying and great colors. And the contour disc is to die for one of my favorite bronzer, blush, and highlights and travel friendly! I love her brushes too. The creator used to be a news anchor so she knows how to make you look flawless on camera. Give it a try!

The vitality flushes are legit my favorite and go to especially to maintain a smooth lip in the winter months and awesome color is :0.11-oz Vitality Lip Flush in Je Ne Sais Quoi, a sheer pink. It looks clear but it's the perfect pink!
That second blush is a matte peach OMG want!

Beauty broadcasts loves these trips highly pigmented and amazing!! I want the amber/copper colored one!

Ulta also has the benefit new box blush on called Rockateur! It's a pretty mauve (the glitter on top is not all through it).  I want but I do not need to purchase another blush so I am waiting a bit!

These are a major let down. Exact same if not worse pigmentation as baby lips by maybeline. These are $16 Baby lips are $3 save your money go with the drugstore!

Links for IT!
IT website:

Happy reading!!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Target Haul!

Target has some awesome deals! I went there over the weekend just to look around and use a gift card and I wandered into the Rimmel Section. First, the Rimmel section is a dollar or two cheaper than CVS. I think the lipstick was $5 instead of $7 and the lipgloss was $3 instead of $5. SO shop Target first! I got the Rimmel in Rose Blush and Glossy 3D by Rimmel in Candy Floss. I love the moisture renews they do not get enough love. They are highly pigmented, cheap, and do not dry my lips out and Ohio weather is making my lips dry out terribly!! This is a staple for me honestly better than MAC in my opinion (formula wise). So give them a try! The 3D glosses make your lips have dimension! I used to do this with a little Mary Lou Manizer on the middle of my lip and lipstick under neath and a gloss over to get a 3D effect. Definitely try this instead it's faster and a similar look!

The Physicians Formula was a bundle for $15 when the medium powder is usually $12 on its own. This is fantastic. I use the mineral powder as a setting powder, bronze to contour (it is similar in shade to laguna and matte), and the rose matte blush (very pigmented but not as pigmented as wet n wild). I have used these already and love them. And I am a sucker for pretty packaging and lets face it PF has that (so cute!)

I heard Glamorazzi on YouTube regarding the Covergirl Jumbo gloss balm ($7 or $8). They are not very pigmented (very sheer only somewaht build able) but this one in Watermelon is a really hydrating and bright pink but wearable in the day! This is a great one and comes second only to the Jordana's (which are more pigmented). Here is her channel by the way:

The Boots mattifying toner is really nice ($9). I find it very mattifying after I wash my face and a good step in my skincare routine. It definitiely has some witch hazel in it which I like. I have used it a couple of days and so far I think it is better for oily skin than any other primer. It really starts you off with a matte base. But I don't think it prevents oil control during the day (no long term effects). I still use my Milk of Magnesia in a thin layer under my primer and Becca Matte primer (which is a 100 pt reward at Sephora this month FYI) and that keeps me matte for about 4 hours and sometimes I can wait a slight bit longer to blot and touch up. But hey that is better than nothing!
Sorry this is upside down! I can't get it to rotate!

1. Rimmel Glossy 3D in Candy Floss
2. Covergirl Jumbo Gloss balm in watermelon 
3. Rimmel Moisture Renew in Rose Blush
Top swatches: Rimmel gloss in Candy Floss, Covergirl -watermelon, and Rimmel moisture renew in Rose Blush , bottom swatches are the PF mineral blush in Rose, Bronzer (cam in medium package), and Powder in medium.

I made a video of me going through those products but I think it got erased! UGH but if I can find the original files I will reedit! But YouTube upload is killing me! BUMMER! Mainly it was me talking about how awesome the Boots line is which is a drugstore UK line sold in target. I cannot wait to get some of their blushes they were on beautybroadcasts favorites this month and she knows makeup! Here is her YouTube link and blog:

Thanks for Reading!!

My Goals:
1. Find a new lip scrub for my dry lips! (I wish we had a Lush and I don't want to pay for Clinique moisturizing one)


I got some really really cute things over the weekend at the sale (video is prerecorded) anyway these were my first impressions of some super cute finds. They had an additional 50% off there clearance which is awesome. Often you can get sunglasses for $6 during these sales so take a look! I ended up with a cute sundress for $29  that had some color and a nice pair of shorts ($14.99).

Sadly I now have a real winter in Ohio so they may not get as much wear in September but these will be summer staples next year!

Dress pictures below:

Here are the shorts paired with Steve Madden gladiator sandals from DSW and a Ralph Lauren tank top. 

Thanks for reading!!

Monday, September 2, 2013

EM Cosmetics

I recently made an EM order, they did a one weekend special for $27.50 for three items. I got an EM lipstick in WOW PINK it is a cream finish, a black waterliner in " ", and the "freebie" with the order was a set of eye shadows and lip product (basically part of the life pallete travel pallet). I am planning on putting these into my much loved Z pallete which let's face facts I just want more makeup to fill up more Z pallets ;) well sort of. It is so fun.

Liptstick: Color WOW PINK and Eyeliner in Black
The eyeliner has a really cool smudger on the other end. I really like that! Gives you that smoky effect.


Here are some swatches:

Here is a lip swatch:

Overall I like the products.

And here is the look I created with them!

I used the eye products in a recent video on youtube and there will be a get ready with me video on them. They are really blendable and decent pigmentation! Sill not 100% sold though. The lipstick has major lasting power though and that will be used often!!!!
My Channel:

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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Meet max!

We adopted a cat named Max he is a medium hair fluffy fella. And he is a cuddle bunny. But he has a bitchy resting face. (See photos below).

Note the drool stain because he is so happy!

We just love him!!

Sephora mini haul!

I loved those outrageous metallics so much I went back and bought more. And I am so excited about it!!! I believe shades of Cassie on YouTube was talking about them earlier too. These things are legit! I went back and purchased "outrageous metallic lilac," "outrageous metallic peach," and   "outrageous metallic black." I can't wait to make a peach and lilac eye. These are fabulous and for $7 a steal!

I also purchased a mini soap and glory face wash. And I love the scent. It is very clean and a bit of plum. I will be packing it on my next weekend away!

Here is a close up of  "outrageous metallic peach."

Here is a close up of  "outrageous metallic lilac."

Here is a close up of  "outrageous metallic black."

These are to die for!! Hope you find some on clearance too! Thanks for reading!!! Let me know if you want a tutorial!

Here is the YouTube video on the Sephora haul!