Thursday, November 14, 2013

Baby lips collection and review with lip swatches

I really love Baby Lips products, they are quite moisturizing and easy on the lips when you have those days that your lips are too tight to wear a real lipstick. I really love these on my no makeup days for just a little color. Also they are only about $4 and so worth it. Here is my collection of Baby Lips with lip swatches. I describe each with the scent as well!

"In Cherry Me" 
This smells like that childhood fake cherry smell which I love! And this is my favorite color on my lips. It is a buildable color (to almost medium coverage). It is such an easy way to wear a red lip and not worry about smudging it.

"Pink Shock"
This one smells like raspberries and is a beautiful fuchsia color. It is the second deepest color of them all. Definitely a staple in my collection.

"Berry Bomb"
I cannot tell the difference between this one and the regular grape one on me, but that is ok I love them both ;) This smells like sweet tarts to me. Love it!

"In Grape Vine"
This smells like super childhood grape!! I love this sheer plum color! 

"In Pink Punch"
This smells like fruit punch, almost a strawberry scent. It is a fabulous more sheer baby pink that is wearable on me! YEAH! I have a hard time wearing baby pink but this works! This is also the most opaque of all the Baby Lips I own.

I am definitely considering getting one or two of the darker Rescue Baby Lips but I am on the fence since they have been getting mixed reviews on drying out lips since they have mint in them. Hmmm... I will probably break and get "Soothing Sorbet" or "Berry Smoothie" -->

They seem to be the most pigmented according to other blogs. 

Here is my favorite blogger's review of the Electro Baby Lips:

And the regular ones:

I would definitely repurchase these!

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