Friday, October 25, 2013

Loreal le matte and le laque Review

This are becoming a huge deal on YouTube and with the beauty bloggers. I tried to find them everywhere and only had luck at target and it was picked over. I got one le laque and one le matte. They are awesome. Not overly drying, minimal feathering, rich color pay off. The Le laque compared to the Revlon balm stain lacquers is definitely more glossy than the Revlon ones. For me That doesn't really matter. They are definitely more opaque than the Revlon comparables as well. These are more like a lipstick in a crayon form for precision. Lasting time is only ok, but the darker colors definitely stain the lips!

Le Laque - laqcerizing (pinky-mauve)... sorry a bit blurry!

Le matte - (red with a blue tone, prefect for me)

Overall for $7.99 price tag get on it! Definitely worth it and great on a multitude of skin tones!

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