Friday, October 18, 2013

Review Ellen Tracy "thick stick" lip color

I got these Ellen Tracy "thick sticks" lip crayons from my mom. The whole set was $5.99 from Ross. I was not expecting much but was utterly surprised about the payoff and staying power these are amazing!!! I love a pencil since they are so easy to control but it has the color payoff and staying power of a lipstick and stain!

They have no names for the colors but here are lip swatches!

I wore the pink all day and ate and drank the color barely faded!

Deep fushia color:

Perfect nude for me (so hard to find with my skin tone)

Coral color:

Pinky mauve ... Not my color. Julian liked it for some reason lol. He said I look ghostly...hmmm

Red/orangey love this!

Overall excellent color payoff, staying power A+, and no feathering which is so hard for me!!! Definitely worth more than $5.99! Go get 'em!

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  1. I got these yesterday for Christmas and mine smell like plastic and do have awful color pay off... How are yours so pretty????