Monday, October 28, 2013

Maybelline Elixir Review and Lip Swatches

Maybelline Elixir Colorsensationals are the new item out. They rival the Le Laque by Loreal and the Revlon Balm Stains Laquers. They are supposedly a 3 for 1 product. They feel like a lip balm (and they do omg thank goodness), they shine like a gloss, and have the pigmentation of a lip stick. They are $8.99 at CVS and there is a 30% of coupon going around from CVS (check your email). So for $6 and change I gave it a chance. I love that it is like a balm, very moisturizing, I like the color but it is not as pigmented as I was hoping. They feel better than anything else I have had on lately (compared to the new Balm stains by Revlon). The color payoff is decent for how moisturizing they are but not my favorite. I think during the winter I will wear them a ton just because I fight really bad dry lips. I would recommend this if you love a good color payoff and want a balm feel. Be prepared you will be reapplying though, they are not a stain clearly. Honestly, this type of formula like the Loreal dupes for the YSL glossy stains you have to put a couple coats on and if you don't get a deep color then for me they will not show up. I will be purchasing the red one after I assess the feathering. So far not very much feathering and I think that is because they are not runny. The feeling for me is worth buying at least one more! They beat all the rivals in moisturizing (not sticking and they feel smooth) but lose in color payoff and staining. But for the price and cute packaging still a win in my book. My wishlist one is the Signature Scarlet and I will grab one next time I am at CVS!

If you don't believe me check out Este and her review:

Link to Maybelline's website:

I purchased 080 Captivating Carnation:

Lip Swatch of 080 Captivating Carnation:

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