Friday, August 30, 2013

DEALS and STEALS! Isaac Mizrahi Fabulous Perfume

A couple weeks ago I made the hour journey to Oxford, Ohio (the closest testing location for the MPRE in southern Ohio. The positives were after the exam I was owed a treat! (I will do another post about my haul). Oxford, Ohio houses Miami University which is a super fratty, sratty, crazy greek life school. Which means one thing to me, their TJ Maxx is legit. End of Story. After my exam I went to TJs and it was clearance week (how fortuitous!) And this is one of my finds, Fabulous perfume by Isaac Mizrahi), for $5 (?!?!?!? what craziness is this). It smells amazing!

It smells very light and fresh with some undertones of Jasmine and sandalwood. It is not super flowery or fruity it is the perfect mix for me. It is very clean smelling. Perfumes do not usually last very long on me so I keep this one in my atomizer from Sephora (I will put a link down below). It makes it a couple hours (which is good for my skin) and then I have to refresh.

The bottle is seriously why I purchased it. It has a vintage pump on it which is so fun! And its just the cutest bottle ever.

Here is a link to the designer's website:

Here is the atomizer I use during the day:

Just a note I love this atomizer really good quality and I use mine a lot. It is also quite sturdy. If you are looking for a good one I highly recommend.

Hope you like it as much as I do!! I think it is even worth the real price in all honesty! (On qvc it's $69 and you get a roller ball). 

<3 Lee

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