Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I recently got a sample of the Mally full coverage foundation (which is now at select Ultas and online). My color is LIGHT. I am usually a medium color. Her colors are way way darker so light fits a medium tone to light skin. I am medium beige in Bare Minerals, Matte 30 in MUFE, Shell in Hourglass, Cool Ivory in Boots No.7 Mattifying, Creamy Natural in the new Loreal liquid to Powder Magic Foundation and Medium Beige in Colorstay by Revlon.

Here is the Mally Link:
Foundation: http://www.mallybeauty.com/face/foundation/ultimate-performance-full-coverage-liquid-foundation
Two Powders:

(I use this lightly and it sets my foundation, looks like it is discontinued now sorry!)

It says it is "hydrating" and I did not realize this until I saw her youtube video on it. It also says it could be used for older skin. Since I am basically an oil slick at all times this sounded terrible for me. But I gave it a try and it was actually amazing, not too oily (for me) the finish is not matte more in between but I used her powder foundation lightly and the finisher powder she has to make it matte. I used it on 3 hot and humid days and made it longer between touchups and was very happy with the result. There was no color oxidation on me.

If you haven't tried her mascara the volume one omg.... you should there legitimately is NOTHING better you will laugh at your other mascaras and never touch them again.

I also love the Pore Defender and touch up with it daily otherwise the oil would be out of control, it is a miracle worker. It doesn't take your makeup off but mattifies you worth a shot if you are oily like me. And worth the price tag it lasts a while! http://www.mallybeauty.com/homepage-featured/evercolor-poreless-face-defender

Today for eyes I used, the brown/beige side of comfort zone by wetNwild. Mascara was Mally volumizing. I also used the color tattoo by Maybelline in"Inked in Pink" as a base over my UD primer potion.

For contouring I used the VS bronzer in Med/Deep Mega Glow, blush was Milani Luminoso, Highlight was Bare Minerals Stroke of Light with a bit of NYX blush in angel over. My all over bronzer which smells amazzzzing was the Happy booster by Physician's Formula in Illuminating bronzing veil. It is like face perfume. Buy it. Eyeliner was (waterline and halfway on bottom) tarte emphasEYEs smoldering clay liner, it is a purple brown color it came in a package deal with a box of shadows by tarte. on the top I used Milani ultrafine liquid gems "black gems" liner for a little cat eye. Surprisingly loved that top liner! It was a mistake buy but I actually like it!

I also forgot to mention I primed with Phillips milk of Magnesia, then Smashbox primer in LIGHT, and I used age rewind concealer in Light/Med by Maybelline.

Here are the products I used and me after about 3 hours in the makeup!

These are my opinions, I have received nothing for them, and I bought these products myself.

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