Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A little SEPHORA action!

There are a lot of problems when you live over a Sephora. Like access. Access is way to easy. So I went downstairs because one of my favorite Beauty Youtube gurus told me to? Here is her link:
Well highly suggested I go to see the clearance section there are some awesome Sephora brand shadows there. I usually don't like Sephora brand sometimes they are flaky shadows, but these are creamy and amazing very similar to Lorac or the creamy consistency in the UD Naked palletes. I even think I found a DUPE for Kitten by Stila which is a $20 eyeshadow. Here is a link:
The "Outrageous Metallic Beige" is very very similar, dare I say exact. I did in the store swatch STILA Kitten and Kitten is a bit more pigmented. But I got the Sephora one for $7 on clearance SO I would just get the Sephora one!

Anyway, so walking into the store they have these awesome and innovative table set ups with the Pantone makeup matching device (I have made them do it to me twice). Its fun but depending on the lighting you can get slightly different results so try it a couple of times with different lighting. But these tables are awesome and educational on the types of foundations and what each finish is and what type of coverage each is.
Here is a link to the Pantone video :
 Can I just take them all home please???? (Well maybe not the naturals... too oily for that). Also they had the Dior Airflash mattifying spray which you should just go in and try its cool! It basically is a spray that mattifies the face with a tinted setting powder its pretty awesome! Casey Holmes actually talks about how much she loves it and it makes me want it but it is $$$ Here is her link to the favorites video that she talks about it in:

Like seriously how amazing is this! I just want to take them all home!

The Sephora Lady actually gave me an amazing sample of this. She swears by it for oily people. Dare I say better than Smashbox Primer in Light. She believes so! She said that a major makeup artist for Sephora found out Sephora stopped carrying it and made them bring it back this will make you apparently have one touch up or none a day! WHAT? Well maybe we will see I will test it out tomorrow. Maybe it will be a HOLY GRAIL! I will try it with and without my underneath milk of Magnesia primer and let you know!

This stuff I have been dying to try. It is amazingly mattifying according to reviews maybe even better than the Matte Velvet by MUFE. I can't wait to try it. They matched me in Shell and I got a nice big sample. Here is the link for the promo on it:
I am intrigued about it clearing up skin. According to the lady in Sephora they were going to discontinue it but people went a little crazy, and that is when they found out that it has amazing properties not just to mattify but clear up acne and roscea. SO this is a must try I am planning on using my F80 flat top kabuki by sigma with it tomorrow (with the new primer derrr.) 

Here is my eye shadow haul!!! They are clearance $7 go get them! 

From top to bottom the names are "Meteor Shower," "Outrageous Metallic Purple," ""Outrageous Metallic Taupe," and ""Outrageous Metallic Beige."

Swatched in order, top to bottom is left to right. (Top is trio swatched and bottom of the hand is purple, taupe, and beige from left to right).

I added on bottom the Stardust diamond dog from Urban Decay (UD) and the top Moondust Diamon Dog from UD for you to see how pigmented and the differences in glitter. The Sephora is more metallic the UD is more glittery with brown tones. The Sephora one is much creamier.

Here are the names and backs of packaging. 
Here is the Stardust and Moondust back of packaging. 

So overall go get them awesome and cheap metallic colors that I cannot wait to use! I <3 'em!

Here is some extra stuff!

Bday Le Creuset pie dish it's awesome be jealous!

Julian and I recieved these beautiful milk and sugar dispensers in bronze they are by Nambe and they are pretty awesome!

Here they are at the coffee bar! Yes, we have two Keurigs.... I had one before I moved. Now I alternate them to make sure they are working... these are good problems to have ;) This is what happens when you are long distance forever we get two of ALL THE THINGS!


Hourglass creator used to work for Urban Decay and then left! She now works on the famous people and Angelina Jolie wore this foundation in Mr. and Mrs Smith and she is flawless so. P.S. Madonna uses the PRIMER to perform in. This stuff must be legit.

I want an hourglass amberlight powder.... JULIAN (hubby)! ;)


Had to hide the Riddle Skittles from myself...

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