Monday, September 2, 2013

EM Cosmetics

I recently made an EM order, they did a one weekend special for $27.50 for three items. I got an EM lipstick in WOW PINK it is a cream finish, a black waterliner in " ", and the "freebie" with the order was a set of eye shadows and lip product (basically part of the life pallete travel pallet). I am planning on putting these into my much loved Z pallete which let's face facts I just want more makeup to fill up more Z pallets ;) well sort of. It is so fun.

Liptstick: Color WOW PINK and Eyeliner in Black
The eyeliner has a really cool smudger on the other end. I really like that! Gives you that smoky effect.


Here are some swatches:

Here is a lip swatch:

Overall I like the products.

And here is the look I created with them!

I used the eye products in a recent video on youtube and there will be a get ready with me video on them. They are really blendable and decent pigmentation! Sill not 100% sold though. The lipstick has major lasting power though and that will be used often!!!!
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