Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Target Haul!

Target has some awesome deals! I went there over the weekend just to look around and use a gift card and I wandered into the Rimmel Section. First, the Rimmel section is a dollar or two cheaper than CVS. I think the lipstick was $5 instead of $7 and the lipgloss was $3 instead of $5. SO shop Target first! I got the Rimmel in Rose Blush and Glossy 3D by Rimmel in Candy Floss. I love the moisture renews they do not get enough love. They are highly pigmented, cheap, and do not dry my lips out and Ohio weather is making my lips dry out terribly!! This is a staple for me honestly better than MAC in my opinion (formula wise). So give them a try! The 3D glosses make your lips have dimension! I used to do this with a little Mary Lou Manizer on the middle of my lip and lipstick under neath and a gloss over to get a 3D effect. Definitely try this instead it's faster and a similar look!

The Physicians Formula was a bundle for $15 when the medium powder is usually $12 on its own. This is fantastic. I use the mineral powder as a setting powder, bronze to contour (it is similar in shade to laguna and matte), and the rose matte blush (very pigmented but not as pigmented as wet n wild). I have used these already and love them. And I am a sucker for pretty packaging and lets face it PF has that (so cute!)

I heard Glamorazzi on YouTube regarding the Covergirl Jumbo gloss balm ($7 or $8). They are not very pigmented (very sheer only somewaht build able) but this one in Watermelon is a really hydrating and bright pink but wearable in the day! This is a great one and comes second only to the Jordana's (which are more pigmented). Here is her channel by the way: http://www.youtube.com/user/missglamorazzi

The Boots mattifying toner is really nice ($9). I find it very mattifying after I wash my face and a good step in my skincare routine. It definitiely has some witch hazel in it which I like. I have used it a couple of days and so far I think it is better for oily skin than any other primer. It really starts you off with a matte base. But I don't think it prevents oil control during the day (no long term effects). I still use my Milk of Magnesia in a thin layer under my primer and Becca Matte primer (which is a 100 pt reward at Sephora this month FYI) and that keeps me matte for about 4 hours and sometimes I can wait a slight bit longer to blot and touch up. But hey that is better than nothing!
Sorry this is upside down! I can't get it to rotate!

1. Rimmel Glossy 3D in Candy Floss
2. Covergirl Jumbo Gloss balm in watermelon 
3. Rimmel Moisture Renew in Rose Blush
Top swatches: Rimmel gloss in Candy Floss, Covergirl -watermelon, and Rimmel moisture renew in Rose Blush , bottom swatches are the PF mineral blush in Rose, Bronzer (cam in medium package), and Powder in medium.

I made a video of me going through those products but I think it got erased! UGH but if I can find the original files I will reedit! But YouTube upload is killing me! BUMMER! Mainly it was me talking about how awesome the Boots line is which is a drugstore UK line sold in target. I cannot wait to get some of their blushes they were on beautybroadcasts favorites this month and she knows makeup! Here is her YouTube link and blog:


Thanks for Reading!!

My Goals:
1. Find a new lip scrub for my dry lips! (I wish we had a Lush and I don't want to pay for Clinique moisturizing one)

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