Friday, December 6, 2013

Calista Tools HOT Rollers! (QVC)

I have been on the hunt for hot rollers that work on my hair. I have super straight hair and usually at best I get about 30 min of curl or body from hot rollers… if I am lucky. So I went for a bigger purchase for "quality" hot rollers from QVC. These were a today special value at either $89.99 or $99.99 and had 4 payments of easy pay. I usually got Conair ones for about $35 and those just were not cutting it. I would get flat hair within 30 min with Conair and it sucked. Even Remington ones (the velvety ones) nothing not even a wave. Maybe if I was lucky I would get body for about 30 min tops!

The positives of these are they are the long roller for hair below shoulder length. This and the heated core make a huge difference (in curl and body). They feel hotter and the heat lasts longer. It takes about 3 min to heat up and 20 min in and I have big body curls. These come with the 12 rollers and the heating element and a nifty bag to carry them in with clips. I was surprised how well they work on my hair I get about 3 hours or more of curls and body and no denting or creasing like the cheaper models. I can run my fingers through my hair and they stay! Amazing! I really would recommend for the super straight haired person who wants to add body and curl. I am sure they work even better on curly hair that would hold a curl. 

Here is a picture of the curlers:

Me in the rollers: (I do my makeup after they are in = multitasking)


So I would definitely recommend them! My mom has a set and is amazed how well they work, we both have been on a hunt for so long! I threw out my old ones there just was no need after getting these!

Here is the QVC link:

Disclaimer - I bought these myself, was not endorsed for the review. 

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